Fortunately, crises are rare occurrences. When they do happen though, they force leaders to manage changing and unfamiliar situations. After working with hundreds of leaders and companies, The Mettise Group understands the importance and impact strategic decisions have on an organization.

While these are unprecedented times, most leaders have led through ambiguity at different points in their careers and have more experience to draw from than they realize. Below are some key strategies to consider during this time:

Lead Decisively. During times of uncertainty, your team is looking at you as a leader to guide them. While you don’t have to have all the answers, you must act with intention and consistency. 

Provide Clarity. As Brene Brown states in her most recent book, Dare to Lead, “clarity is kind.” It is important to meet your team where they are. They are afraid of the unknown and the impact on their income and personal lives. Be clear on what options are available to your team and keep them informed and updated.

Leverage Your Team. In times of crisis, it is easy to blur the urgent with the important. Use your team to work through the urgent issues allowing you as the leader to continue to focus on the important areas. Also, consider having “strategy sessions” with your team to help work through critical issues. When you include more team members at the table, it’s amazing what can happen.

Most importantly realize you are not alone. The Mettise Group remains committed to helping businesses navigate through this crisis and will continue to post updates at least daily to bring you the most current information.