CFO for hire


Your business began with a passion for meeting needs in the marketplace, not because you wanted to manage books and dig through financials. But strategic financial management is essential for growing businesses.


That’s where The Mettise Group comes in.

CFO for hire

Financial Leadership for Where You Are Now

Financial strategies make and break growing businesses. You know you need one, but hiring a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your bottom line. By outsourcing your CFO needs to Mettise, you get critical CFO services tailored to the business needs you have right now.

Cash Flow Management

Cash is king. Don’t get dethroned. Mettise helps you understand your cash flow situation to get through today and rise to tomorrow.



As a business leader, “what if?” is always on your mind. Mettise expertise makes the future more understandable through financial projections, “what if” scenarios, and break-even analyses.

understand what drives profit

Profitability is the goal. But the mechanics of attaining or maintaining it can be convoluted. Mettise helps to clarify which key performance indicators (KPIs) will translate to profitability, and communicates them with intuitive dashboards.



Crises emerge. Merger or acquisition opportunities arise. Maybe you need help securing funding from banks, angel investors, or venture capitalists. Having Mettise on your side enables you to get the best possible outcome.

It's Hard to Face a Global Pandemic Alone

In addition to the usual services, Mettise is offering COVID-19 specific service packages to help with Financial, HR, Sales, and Strategic Planning business needs.