Our Story

All companies have problems. Some problems are easily solved by the management team. Other problems cause the team to spin their wheels and get stuck. That’s where The Mettise Group comes in. We solve those problems so that they stay solved.
We are skilled CEO’s, executives and entrepreneurs who have lived your challenges and frustrations. We use that hard earned experience to help companies grow and transition. We know how to make profitable sustainable change.

We are known for our ability to cut to the chase to get you traction fast.


We build capacity through assessments, facilitation and development to help people work together better and navigate through major changes.

We grow capital. In some cases, that’s financial capital where we help companies increase profitability. Other times, it’s human capital where we develop the executive team or provide sales management.

We expand connections through key introductions, peer groups and advisory boards.


Our approach is to look at the company holistically: legal, financial, human resources, operations, sales, marketing. We see where the problems or missed opportunities are. We work with you to create and implement a plan for sustainable profitability, change and health of the business and its people.

Any of these sound familiar?

  • Fast growth = revealing cracks in the processes and abilities.
  • Employee engagement is low and things are not getting done.
  • Lack of trust on the leadership team.
  • Intermittent cash flow problems.
  • Strategic direction? It’s chaos.
  • Trying to figure out the path to the next level?
  • What are my key metrics?
  • Reactive and not proactive or innovative.
  • We are stuck.

The problems are varied with our clients, but whether it’s working through a difficult economic time, building a team after high turnover, preparing for a merger or acquisition, or working through changes in leadership, our work results in broader, deeper and more sustainable profitability and health of the business.