Danielle is a Senior Consultant at The Mettise Group.

You know the feeling…You need to focus, but you’re tired and not fully engaged. You’re the opposite of energized and don’t know how to get your mojo back.

It’s hard for those of us who burn the candle at both ends to recognize that we do in fact need to take a break at times to avoid burnout. We can’t imagine going on like this for much longer, but it’s even harder to see a feasible way to take off. And we’re beating ourselves up for not performing at our typical high level.

But if you’re experiencing burnout due to work or personal demands, don’t ignore it. Experts say it won’t go away and the consequences include sacrifices to your health, marital and family conflict, and decreased performance at work.

Rebounding isn’t as simple as making another to do list and having a little talk with yourself. (I’ve tried and it doesn’t work.) You’ve got to replenish your resources just like a car that needs fuel or a body that is hungry.

Taking time off is always the best remedy, but here are a few additional tips to put you back on course and feeling productive if Hawaii isn’t an option at the moment:

  1. Say “no” and avoid taking on any new commitments or responsibilities until you’re feeling energized again.
  2. Delegate more.
  3. Socialize outside of work. Getting together with others reduces isolation and stress.
  4. Don’t take work home. You need to slow down for a little while.
  5. Schedule time to exercise and do it! Even 30 minutes a few times a week can reduce stress and provide some needed quiet time.
  6. Get more sleep. Busy leaders often ignore their most basic needs like sleep and regular meals. You’ve got to take care of yourself if you want great results!