No one likes writing Human Resources policies, but sometimes you have to protect your company. Especially when many of us have exchanged our desk for the dining room table.

Why bother? HR policies, such as one for telecommuting, can help ensure that everyone respects and follows the same rules. Policies guide employees regarding their behavior and expectations.

Since we’ll likely be working remotely in our PJs (policy permitting!) for the near future, you should put a remote work policy in place as soon as possible.

The policy should address the following areas:

  1. Work hours
  2. Leave policies
  3. Any changes in job duties
  4. Security and confidentiality concerns (e.g. whether an employee can use a home computer)
  5. Timekeeping (hourly employees)
  6. Communication expectations
  7. Equipment and equipment security/care
  8. Work environment

You must establish new work norms as quickly as possible to avoid frustration and disagreements. A telecommuting policy will get everyone on the same page and back to work.

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