The Mettise Group

Clarity . Capacity . Capital . Connections.

Why Mettise?

All companies have problems. Some problems are easily solved by the management team. Other problems cause the team to spin their wheels and get stuck. That’s where The Mettise Group comes in. We solve those problems so that they stay solved.

We are skilled CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs who have lived your challenges, frustrations, and opportunities. We use that hard-earned experience to help companies grow and transition. We know how to make profitable, sustainable change.

We are known for our ability to cut to the chase, get traction quickly, and move your company to the next level.

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Financial Management

Are you managing your money, or is your money managing you? We help you get a handle on financials and become as profitable as possible. Learn More

Strategy & Clarity

Everyone needs a plan. We get to know your company, knock out a real world plan, then sit with you to ensure you meet your goals. Learn More

Workforce & HR Strategy

Humans are hard. Let us help you build a workforce, put them in the right roles, and keep them happy and productive. Learn More

Peer Advisory Groups

There’s no other way to put it, it’s lonely at the top. We have few places to turn to get trusted advice and support or a sounding board for honest solutions — a group that’s got your back. Learn More


Let us help you gain clarity and reach your professional goals while also improving your executive skills.  

Sales & Training

Mettise offers a variety of training seminars and topics that can be customized for your employees or audience. Learn More

I have been so impressed by Mettise. Top-notch business acumen; but they also understand that integrity and friendships are what can super-charge a business and business community.

Brad STumph, Brewers Union

From Our Clients

“Mettise’s ongoing consulting has provided our company with much-needed focus and direction, setting us on a path for long term growth and success.”

David Wanzer

Pivot Project

Probably the most positive thing I have done in the past several years Is hiring a business coach – Sherry Dale with the Mettise Group.

Joey Root

President and CEO, First Liberty Bank

The Posse provides me the opportunity to step away from the day-to-day practice of law and spend time focusing exclusively on the firm, its growth plans and opportunities, and my personal and professional goals, all of which have directly impacted the growth of my business.”

Kendra Robben

Founder, Robben & Associates, LLC

Our Name

Metis, the inspiration for “Mettise” was a Titan of wise counsel known for her wisdom, skill, planning, cunning, and prudence.  A counselor to warriors in battle,  she was the mother of Athena, goddess of love, courage and inspiration, and daughter of Oceanus who, representing the oceans, was the father of everything. 

Our Team

Gene Hopper

Gene Hopper


Sherry Dale

Sherry Dale


Danielle Ezell

Danielle Ezell


Kati Hanna

Kati Hanna


Recent News

Second Draw of Paycheck Protection Program Opens This Week

Second Draw of Paycheck Protection Program Opens This Week

The Second Draw of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is opening up this week. The eligibility test is different than the first round. You are eligible for the program if your gross receipts in one calendar quarter of 2020 are down at least 25% compared to the same...

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