Feeling a bit lost these days when it comes to pandemic-related HR, financial, marketing and operations issues? 

You’re not alone. The Mettise team has your back.

Our human resources, finance, sales and operations experts are ready to help you navigate the stormy days ahead with short-term consulting help. With numerous legal implications, this isn’t the time to wing it on your own.

Sleep better tonight, knowing you have Mettise experts working with your team to make it through these challenging times.

People Package (aka Managing Munchkinland)

This is the perfect option for organizations needing HR expertise during the next 60-days. We’ll work with you to:
  • Define Re-opening/Re-Hire strategy 
  • Who to bring back
  • When to bring them on
  • How to legally onboard
  • Development of virus work safety policies
  • Review and suggested changes to paid leave policy
  • Development of remote work policy
  • Writing of employee communication plan during the re-opening process
  • 60-days phone an HR expert consulting
  • Alerts and help understanding labor law changes as they arise

Finance Package (aka Find the Yellowbrick Road)

This isn’t the time to navigate the business finances by yourself. Too much is changing too fast. Our professional CPAs and financial strategists are available to help you:
  • Develop a financial strategy to navigate these challenging times
  • Determine cash flow strategies
  • Help you comply with PPP reporting requirements
  • 60-days phone a financial expert consulting
  • Alerts and help understanding federal grant or loan programs
  • Help to adjust your forecasts/budgets for the remainder of this tumultuous year

Halftime Playbook (aka Welcome to Oz)

 “If we walk far enough,” said Dorothy, “we shall sometime come to someplace.”
Do you know where you’re going and how to get there? 
The Mettise team is ready to help you re-work your 2020 strategic plan. Now is the time to clarify, update and revise your goals and sprints for 2020. This service includes:
  • Two 2-hour strategy meetings with leadership team and/or board
  • Review of financial and HR documents
  • Development of 6-month playbook including quarterly sprints
  • Monthly check-ins with leadership team to monitor sprint progress

The Sales Package (aka Finding the Pot of Gold)

Not sure how to launch a sales plan in the midst of tornadic activity? We’ll give you a set of takeaways that will guide you through the next 120-days. You will get the language you need for clear sales and marketing communication that will help you close business.
Package includes:
  • Know exactly whom to target with your message
  • Identify who your Decision Makers are to target with your message
  • Create a succinct sales message that highlights the customer problem that you solve
  • Produce a go-to “word bank” of words & phrases to attract the attention of your target audience
  • Know what marketing steps to take next with a high-level marketing plan
  • Receive a list of recommendations for equipping your sales team to use your new tools effectively
  • Three 60-min Zoom calls discussing how you address your customer’s needs, what you offer, and what sales goals you want to accomplish in the next 12 months
  • Draft and revise your customer-centric value propositions
  • Comprehensive word bank for all marketing communications