Connection. It’s one of Mettise’s core values and what our clients tell us they love about us. And, like you, we are struggling with how best to foster connection during these uncertain times.

Fostering connections may feel like a HUGE responsibility right now. However, we’ve got to figure it out. Check out these comments from our Posse & Tribe members.

“The relationships and conversations with the Mettise staff have proven to be the most valuable for me.”

“I deeply appreciate the opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs through Mettise, share in their successes and struggles, and realize I’m not alone. It’s networking, it’s friendship, and it’s something more.”

“Posse & Tribe members develop camaraderie with other members. We are going through similar challenges, and I appreciate the ‘community wisdom.'”

“Mettise fosters relationships with other like-minded people. We’re accountable to each other.”

We’re good at creating connections…Or at least we were pre-pandemic. You can be too.

Tips from the Mettise Team to Create Connection:

Gene Hopper

Focus on bringing people together. We are hungry for it. Be the person who connects others who may not know each other. This could look like a Zoom call with people you know well, but don’t know one another. It is such a high compliment to have someone say, “I wanted you two to know each other.”

Sherry Dale

Be present and fully engaged during the new Zoom world. It is easy to be distracted during a Zoom call by digital interruptions. Close your email, and don’t check your text messages. You must commit to being completely present and attentive during the conversation. Listen with your whole self. Add some humor in too – we all need some comic relief!

Robert Wallar

Always check in with people. An email, phone call or text can make all the difference to someone. People want to know they are cared about; a simple message can mean the world to the recipient.

Kati Hanna

Now is a great time to leverage LinkedIn and build your connections. First, think about who you want in your network, what kind of businesses, potential strategic partners, great referral partners, etc. Open your “My Network” page on your home page and look through your “invitations.” Accept the ones that make sense and send a short message to connect. Once you accept your outstanding invitations, an additional list of “Connections you may know” populates. This is an opportunity to be intentional about building your network and making a connection. Take hitting the “connect” button one step further by sending a thought out message and suggesting a time to meet virtually.

Catherine Brown

When people share news about significant dates in their life, write them as recurring events on your calendar, so you remember to acknowledge the events. Birthdays and wedding anniversaries are important milestones, but children’s birthdays and the anniversaries of the death of loved ones are meaningful also to recognize. I set a recurring event on my calendar for annual reminders.

Spend a few minutes each day reviewing social media, whatever channel most of your colleagues are on, and watch what they post so you can acknowledge what they share. Make this a habit to check these sites and comment periodically.

Trevor Shofner

Do you ever have the thought, “I wonder what they’re up to?” Shoot them an email or text and ask—that part’s simple. Once you do reach out, set a reminder for two weeks out to remind yourself to do the same thing again. Diversity of connection is just as important as frequency.