By: Kati Hanna – Consultant, The Mettise Group

It’s that time of year again when we are bombarded with television commercials about joining Weight Watchers or a local gym to help achieve our New Year’s resolutions. Most adults take time at the beginning of each year to set their New Year’s resolutions or personal and professional goals. While setting goals each year is important, understanding how to set yourself up for success is critical.

What makes some of us more successful with our goals than others? At Mettise, we help our clients determine where they want to go and how to get there. This cannot be done without setting goals. During our assessment and goal setting process with our clients, we use SMART goals. SMART goals are five simple but powerful steps that, if used, increase your chance of success in reaching your goals.

Goals are an essential part of growth and success both personally and professionally.  Goal setting is a process that requires time, intention and commitment that in the end can create tremendous success and momentum in your life and business.

A growth strategist guru, Kati Hanna has managed over 75 projects in a wide variety of industries during her 25-year career. She focuses her efforts on working with leadership teams to define goals and high-potential opportunities for growth; and managing key growth initiatives, marketing efforts and organizational implementation. Learn more about Kati.