Sales Training

Do you want more sales but don’t want to feel “too pushy?” Begin your journey to refine your sales process and close more business with ease. Mettise’s partner, Catherine Brown, has mastered a process to sell consistently, without the sleazy methods, and teaches you to do the same. Corporate training can be delivered remotely via Zoom and/or in-person training. Sales teams and non-profit organizations benefit from coaching.

Training Topics include:

  • Understanding why people buy (it’s not what you think!)
  • Learning how to build a sales pipeline
  • Customizing sales lead generation tactics to gain introductory sales meetings with customers
  • Setting sales goals you’ll really hit
  • Developing a greater purpose for why we sell (our purpose)
  • Mastering steps in a B2B sales cycle so that you easily close business
  • Writing custom sales templates for reaching prospects
  • Knowing how to predict and forecast sales you’ll close
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence/EQ In Sales: what is it and why it matters
  • Developing the top traits of successful salespeople (for managers)
  • Identifying and mastering social skills for consultative selling
  • Developing a growth mindset in selling, positioning yourself to succeed
  • Creating a customized value proposition to describe what you sell
  • Tracking major sales activities (or how to use your CRM)
  • Overcoming fear in sales