When was the last time you checked the HR health of your organization? Mettise recommends a comprehensive 9-point annual check-up to prevent organization ills from high turnover to compliance issues to messy employee problems.

A small amount of HR issue prevention annually can prevent costly and time-sucking problems later. Mettise recommends reviewing the following areas annually:

  1. Known HR Issues
  2. High Performers
  3. Talent Strategy
  4. Policies and Procedures
  5. Benefits
  6. Organizational Structure
  7. HR Metrics
  8. HR Information Systems
  9. Compensation Strategy

Not ready to take this on internally? The Mettise team is on-call and ready to help. Our experienced HR and executive leaders will conduct the check-up and provide an easy-to-follow plan to help improve your HR health. Contact us at info@mettise.com for additional information!