#2 CEO Series – “Aha Moments”

No way around it.  When your sales and marketing efforts demonstrate traction, you don’t get long to enjoy the milestone. You soon see that you generate not only more orders, but more work to deliver the order.   This may look like more contracts in the queue, more support requirements, or resources stretched thin.  The risk is not recognizing the need, not getting ahead of it and not managing it.   This is where a great financial strategist is worth their weight in gold.  Don’t assume your accountant or bookkeeper can navigate this curve.   Tools to feed the growth include cash flow management, financial dashboards, a line of credit or outside investment.

You’ve worked hard to grow.  Don’t retreat in the face of success.



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CEO “Aha! Moment” Series

Getting clear on what to do, when to do it and who will do it is no easy task for a company faced with growth or transition. At Mettise we work with hundreds of business leadership teams from all industries on a planning and growth process that results in a “real world” 3-year business plan.  “Real world” means the plan gives the management team a tool they actually use to run the company, make decisions and align the team for 3-years. Our method includes getting clear on direction, demystify finances, marketing and sales tools that drive results, and building the capacity of your team to make the plan a reality.  In this series, we’ll share our clients most popular “Aha!” moments and cut-to-the-chase on the helping you incorporate them into your business.