Financial Management

We get to know your business, then create a solid plan to ensure your company is as profitable as possible. We offer a robust array of financial services for any growing company.


We identify and focus on key business metrics, then create dashboards based on those metrics, to help you meet your goals. 

Contract CFO

Your small- or mid-sized business can access the big company advantages of a CFO via our Contract CFO services. We create financial projections, breakeven analysis and “what if” scenarios to guide strategic decision making. We also provide financial, cash flow, and trend analysis as well as analysis of systems, processes, and internal controls. 


We connect you with and negotiate on your behalf with various funders including banks, angel investors, and venture capitalists. We also prepare the financial documents needed for any investment. 

Ready For Exit? 

Let us provide a business evaluation or assist with a merger or acquisition. 



“I appreciate the way Mettise presents the information, making the most mundane financial info interesting.”