“Mental health awareness is about breaking the stigma by offering opportunities to talk about those issues. It is estimated that one in four employees in the workplace either have a mental health condition, or are living with or supporting a loved one with a mental illness. Incentives are high for employers who go the extra mile and provide resources and services for employees living with mental illness. Studies have concluded that the indirect costs of mental health disorders — particularly lost productivity — exceed companies’ spending on direct costs, such as health insurance contributions and pharmacy expenses. Given the generally low rates of treatment, research suggests that companies should invest in the mental health of workers — not only for the sake of the employees but to improve their own bottom line. Additionally, employers win when they support employees who are living with or supporting loved ones with mental illness. Creating an open and safe space for these employees to come into can the mean all the difference in the world. Many of us were raised up in business with a “leave your problems at the door” mentality, which isn’t working anymore – as we’re seeing it’s not cost effective, not to mention it stifles morale and productivity. As an advocate for mental health and a HR executive, I encourage leaders to show compassion and to hold space for these employees so that they feel heard and are seen – an invaluable extension of care and concern.

  • Kendra – Partner, HR Strategy Leader and advocate for mental health issues in our community

“So many employers have embraced the importance and benefits to having physically healthy employees by providing gyms, trainers, biometric screenings and great health benefits. However, we’ve ignored the cost of mental illness in the workplace. It’s time to recognize that your mental health is the single biggest influence on performance and productivity.”

  • Danielle – Consultant, HR professional


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