Mettise Posse member Sarah Bytyqi doesn’t see the same barriers that some of us do. When she has a good idea, she makes it happen.  From starting Verbode, a concierge residential and commercial real estate company, five years ago to building a flour mill in her husband’s native-Kosovo, Sarah doesn’t just sit around thinking about what could be; instead she makes her dreams a reality.

Verbode is one of several businesses Sarah owns with husband Andi. The 22-person firm helps potential home owners and buyers through the complicated and cumbersome process of buying or selling real estate. “What sets us apart is our knowledge of local areas,” Sarah said. She is inspired by her clients to understand individual needs in order to exceed expectations.

Sarah’s passion for excellent customer service started when she was only 14. Her first job was behind the counter of a bowling alley snack bar and she hasn’t looked back since. The Fort Worth native is a serial entrepreneur who has done everything from candle making to mortgage lending during her career. All while raising four kids, renovating her own dream home and most recently purchasing a farm in Spencer, Okla. complete with a peach orchard.

Verbode’s rapid growth hasn’t been without challenges, but the firm’s success has only fueled Sarah’s dreams for the future.

“I’d like to open a real estate business in Paris one day,” said Sarah, who will likely make that happen sooner rather later given her track record for success.